Awesome place! They were super friendly and very helpful. I walked out with exactly what I wanted.

Milad Jeizan

The shop and owners are fantastic. Its a clean, beautiful little boutique. They sell herbs, soap, oils, insence, crystals etc... and are very knowledgeable about their products.

Ronda Berg

You will NOT find a more knowledgeable, kind, engaging, and caring herb shop anywhere! Kelly and Nicole want nothing more than to help you improve your quality of life. You will always be treated with respect and they take great care in making sure they provide each and every person they assist the highest level of service and support. This is one place where making money is secondary to fostering and sustaining a great relationship with their customers. Go in and say hi! You won't regret it!

Tim Yenne

I have been going to this shop for well over a year. The owners are a couple and they have been amazing since day one. Always listening and wanting to help me along my health journey. Always honest. Visiting this shop is like visiting with family! The products have always been top notch, and I've purchased a range of products from here. I have nothing but great things to say about Kelly and Nikki :)

Jorie Menchaca

Greatest herb shop I've ever been to! Kelly and Nicole are the most kind hearted, caring, and knowledgeable people I've met when it comes to herbs. I had an awesome experience and plan on being a frequent customer. Support this small business, you won't regret it!

Chelsea Soares

(Their address is 344 blue lakes Blvd n, they moved locations and google hasn't updated it!!)
Absolute best Kraytom/Herb/Tincture shop I have ever been to hands down, not to mention that the staff give off the most comforting vibes that make you feel welcomed.

I'm socially anxious, but when I walk through those doors it all seems to fade away!
At SWS Herbs, high quality kratom and tea is not all they have to offer.

They also offer a whole array of different items, from soaps, candles, essential oil diffusers, smudge sticks, incense, all the way to singing bowls and mortar and pestle.
The amazing thing is, that there is much more so I suggest everyone checks SWS Herbs out!

In short SWS promotes health and wellbeing over everything, they care about their customers extensively. The genuineness of SWS as a whole will continue to keep me coming week after week, because I know I'm being taken care of.

(Also take my advice and try their white hulu! It is super energizing, makes me feel amazing!)

chad zambamm

Amazing people! Can't find people like them around anymore and love shopping there. A whole of awesome stuff in there there shop. Go check them out!!

Heather Bigelow

This place is amazing!! Both Kelly and Nicole are so nice and super helpful. they always give great advice and they have cool trinkets that you can get. Love this place.

Today the 9th of September, I went in there and I got gold monster, the BEST!!!! But I also got some green Martian, and man is it terrific! Thanks guys, we always satisfied

Heather Carter

Amazing little shop. You can find most of your herbal needs here. Nicki is very knowledgeable, and very professional! Ten outta ten.

Robert Kenworthy

Kelly recommended some tumeric with the mother's vinegar for my inflammation it seems to work really well. I love how much they care about their customers.

Troy Mortensen